SSS2 (The Return of SUSA)

SSS2 returned for 2017 on Friday night, this time in Glasgow itself, with a first stop at our sponsor bar Dram before eventually making our way towards the cheaper drinks and louder music of Sanctuary where many of us stayed until close and Ruth finished the night by mysteriously and proudly obtaining cheese…

On Saturday morning, everyone arrived at Bardowie Loch, a place infamous for there being either no wind at all, or far too much of it, and where we somewhat unsurprisingly found the loch to more closely resemble a glazed donut. However, spirits were kept high by the appearance of a puppy and the endless supply of bacon rolls. Eventually, the wind picked up just enough for sails to fill (sort of) and for racing to begin, so we launched the boats and continued where SSS1 had left off.

Mirjam being stealthy. (Photo credits: Hannah Robertson)

The afternoon progressed better for Glasgow’s teams than it did for their boats, with a crash in which Edinburgh and the pontoon were implicated putting a hole in one of our boats. The worrying possibility of two boat team racing was proved unnecessary after the cunning use of duct tape. Silver league saw Green team smash the competition with a tense race between them and Beige, eventually leading to a Glasgow Green and Edinburgh White playoff for the spot in Gold which Glasgow grabbed. Meanwhile, over in Platinum league, Glasgow Pink fought off Strath and Edinburgh for the top spot with Glasgow Blue close on their tails, almost winning against Strath Blue if not for Strath’s last minute attempt to protest a Glasgow boat on the finish line, giving them spins.

The tense race of Green v Beige – aka the “Zim-off” (Photo Credit: Hannah Robertson)

That night, Nyan Cats, Dories, Avocados, and Evil Kermits all headed to Viper and after a night of dancing and glitter we dragged ourselves, still somewhat covered in face paint, to Bardowie. Another day without wind meant many trips to McDonald’s and even a spot of Jaffa racing as some sailors practiced their team racing skills without the use of sails.

Glasgow Pink after winning SSS2 (Photo Credit: Hannah Robertson)

By 3pm it became clear that the wind would not appear and that there would be no sailing that day. So the current standings remain for next week when Strath will be hosting SSS3 and we hope that Bardowie musters some fine breeze!

Glasgow Beige in action (Photo credit: Hannah Robertson)

Results at the end of SSS2:


Glasgow Pink

Strath Blue

Edinburgh Blue

Glasgow Blue

St Andrews Pink

Strath Red


Aberdeen Blue

Edinburgh Green

St Andrews Yellow

Strath White

Glasgow Green


Edinburgh White

Edinburgh Puce

Glasgow Beige

St Andrews Red

Dream Team 2


Dundee Black

UHI Purple

Dundee Red

Dream Team 1

Dundee White

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