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Sarah is a 4th year Chemistry Student with 4 years of experience sailing for GUSC’s teams as a crew. This is the second year that Sarah and Cameron have sailed together in 1st team as they work well together in the boat. Sarah is a vocal and competitive crew who fuels their boat by providing chocolate in the form of positive reinforcement. Sarah sailed recreationally before university, taking it to new levels whilst at university. She has sailed at countless SSS and open events, BUSA Women’s and was chosen for the Scottish Student Sailing Summer Squad which took her to Lake Garda.

Sarah Ramsey

Mike is in his second year studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. He often spends his summers sailing on Lake Michigan on his family’s yacht. Perfecting his sail trimming and pushing for every small increase in speed, Mike is a competitive crew. He is no stranger to a capsize and has learnt his dinghy skills on Sunfish, Butterflies and an Olympic Vanguard 470 before 420 racing at his previous University. As Emma’s crew in a Firefly, Mike is keen to keep pushing himself to get results, gain speed and make the team proud. Outside of the boat Mike loves getting outdoors and exploring the adventures Scotland has to offer.

Mike Voyt

Laura is a 4th year Veterinary Medicine Student and GUSC’s Webmaster. She joined the club as a beginner then went on to learn how to team race as a crew for GUSC’s 4th team. Joining first team is a steep but rewarding learning curve for Laura, made easier by frequent wholesome team dinners with lots of cheese. Outside of a boat she can be found playing with a variety of animals or trying out other water sports.

Laura Cranston

Second Team

First Team

Cameron is in his 4th year studying Computer Science and is one of GUSC’s Dinghy Captains. He grew up sailing Optimists and Lasers which took him to competitions including African championships and Youth Worlds. This is his 4th year on teams and he has been helming for 1st team for 3 of them. Cameron is dedicated to developing the racing skills of GUSC’s teams and hopes to get 1st team to finals this year. Helming their boat with Sarah as crew, they are speedy on the water and enjoy causing chaos – watch out!

Cameron McCosh

Emma is in her 4th year studying Psychology and is GUSC’s lovely Commodore! She has been sailing her whole life and has gone from helming Optimists, Fevas and 29ers to end up in Glasgow’s first team in a Firefly. This is her 4th year helming on teams and her crew this year is Mike Voyt. Sailing is Emma’s life – she is in charge of Glasgow’s Sailing club, Chair of the Scottish Student Sailing committee and she’s just been nominated for the RYA award for Young Person on the year woo!

Emma Fowler

Matthew is a 2nd year History and Politics student and is one of GUSC’s Dinghy Captains this year. He began team racing in school and has spent a year competing for Glasgow’s 3rd team. As a captain Matthew is passionate about getting GUSC’s teams to succeed and aims for 1st team to reach the top 4 in the SSS1 leagues. He is almost as dedicated to the socials as much as he is to the sailing and can often be found cutting shapes on the dancefloor. We hope that one day Matthew’s baking skills will be as exceptional as his team spirit – maybe next time he will remember to put the oven on… Matthew is one of the helms for this year’s 1st team and his crew is Laura.

Matthew Davies

Alexander is in his second year studying Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow (or is it Strath?). He is our Yachting Captain this year and sails with Euan in second team. He’s got lots of experience and this is his second year in teams. As an enthusiastic fresher last year he bagged himself the nickname 'Boat Boy' which he is most commonly known as to the rest of GUSC.

Alexander MacKinnon

Bret is a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student and sails as a helm for GUSC’s second team. He grew up spending his summers sailing at a family run sailing school where he is now an instructor. Through this he has sailed a wide variety of boats from toppers to 49ers. Bret hopes to improve his sailing skills through team training, by broadening his experience and learning how to team race. Bret is a fast learner and by working on his tactical sailing and pairing this with his good boat speed, he will be one to look out for on the water. Bret can be spotted on the water by his ridiculous decision to wear shorts in all weather!

Bret Campbell

Lachlan is in his third year of Aeronautical Engineering and is one of our Bosuns. He learnt to sail in New York in JY-15s and then sailed at Granton Harbour in Toppers. Now he sails and fixes Glasgow University’s "lovely" fireflies. Whilst he may need to gain some more speed, Lachlan has been working really hard to develop his team racing skills and it is certainly paying off. His goal this year is to place well in silver league and try not to do anything too smashy. Maybe he should work on not breaking the ‘Golden Rule’ again too. Since we can’t get enough wind at Bardowie, he plays the trumpet for the University’s wind band too.

Lachlan Morrison

Third Team

Euan in is in fourth year studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and crews for Alexander on 2nd team. He has been sailing since he was 8 and is an instructor in Greece. He hadn’t team raced before so was keen to give it a try this year and has since been working on his team racing tactics, whilst keeping up a high sanctuary attendance.

Euan McDonald

Zoe is a 2nd year Biochemistry student and crews for Bret on GUSC’s 2nd team. She learnt to sail dinghies on holiday with her dad and has sailed the seas of Greece, Croatia and Scotland with her Competent Crew qualification. Always up for fun and keen for a competition, Zoe is committed to sailing for second team and is learning fast. Outside of sailing Zoe can be found keeping everyone at the uni pool safe, having coffee and brunch with her friends and going for a boogie.

Zoe Bannister

Mary is a keen 1st year History student, who has already bagged herself the role of Bosun along with her spot as Lachlan’s crew on 2nd team. After learning to sail on her family’s boat and achieving her day skip, she has branched out into the world of team racing this year and is one of the most cheerful and sociable competitors in GUSC. Mary hopes to develop her sailing and team racing skills in her first year on teams, whilst maintaining her zero capsizes record.

Mary Strickland

Rhod is a 2nd year Biovet student and one of GUSCs Beginners Secretaries. As a senior instructor, he teaches GUSCs beginners whilst helming for the 3rd team. He has been sailing for 10 years competing mostly in fleet racing and was on GUSCs 4th team last year. Teams have been a great opportunity for Rhod to improve his team racing skills and he hopes to bring 3rd team to playoffs this year. Outside of the boat Rhod plays the guitar and is into film photography – he’s captured some great moments from our socials.

Rhod Evans

Ciaran climbed all the way to the top of the committee positions ladder and is now trying out life as one of the social secretaries, what he secretly wanted all along. After an undergrad, masters and now his first year of a Phd in Public Health he has finally made it onto teams after numerous attempts. As a longer boy has done more yachting in the past and frequents the west coast cruise trips and events where results don’t matter, at least to him.

Ciaran McMonagle

Adam is in his 1st year studying Mechanical Engineering and is a new member of GUSC’s 3rd team. Inspired by his Grandfather’s sailing stories, Adam started sailing Optimists when he was young. He’s got lots of experience with different boats and preferred lasers before University. Adam has sailed on many seas including the Mediterranean, North Sea, Baltic sea, Kattegat, Skagerrak and the Atlantic – just a bit windier than our Bardowie! Be sure to ask him about his crazy stories from his adventures.

Adam Novák

Eugene is a 1.5yr Biovet who learnt to sail with the club last year. Gaining experience through SSS Dream Teams and competing at Champs, he has now joined Glasgow’s teams as a crew for 3rd team. After experiencing what it’s like to crew for a variety of helms, he’s ended up sailing with his friend, flatmate and fellow Biovet Rhod, together they were voted GUSC’s ‘Couple of the Year’.

Eugene Lau

Michael is in his second year of Product Design Engineering. He first learnt to sail for his DofE residential at Cumbrae National Centre and has since crewed for his uncle. Throughout the summer Michael worked at Rockley Watersports in Mimizan in the South of France which gave him the opportunity to sail lots. He is used to sailing single handed boats such as Picos and now crews for Ciaran in third team. Michael is keen to learn the tactics of team racing and develop his skills for working as part of a team of boats. Mountains are Michael’s passion and when he’s off the water he is skiing on the slopes for the university’s team or instructing over the winter.

Michael Gartside

Ahmet is studying a Masters in Financial Technology at Glasgow. Windsurfing is Ahmet’s passion and he is transferring his skills to sailing this year. His feel for the wind has him sailing on GUSC’s third team as a crew for Adam.

Ahmet Suat Uner

Third Team

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