SSS3 2019

Cameron and Sarah speeding upwind on the last beat. Photo Credits: Scottish Student Sailing.

With much warmer weather than the week before we set off East again, this time towards Dundee. We met our hosts and headed over to the beer kitchen to socialise with the other teams, followed by the Dundee union. Most of us stopping off on the 24hr bakery on the way back home, for chips and mainly pies.

The benefits of staying in the city you're sailing in is that we got a bit of a lie in before going once again to the Royal Tay Yacht Club. With the wind gusting up to 46 knots, and extremely an strong tide to contend with, most people were pretty hesitant to sail and so the race officers sent out a single firefly as a sacrifice. After changing, talks with team captains, rigging boats, derigging boats and sailing looking less and less likely, racing was finally canned. GUSC then turned into a rugby club as most of us returned to Dundee Union to watch the Ireland vs Scotland match, for what turned out to be a disappointing few hours... unless you’re Irish.

Third team enjoying the sun. Photo credits: Scottish Student Sailing

While making fajitas, we started our plans to make fun of UHI in the spirit of the Saturday night theme - "University Rivals". Donning our orange shirts and questionable face paint, all of Glasgow met at one of our host flats, before leaving for Balcony - a strange place, but with an assortment of interesting cocktails. Next was club Tropicana, where we danced the night away, before returning merrily home.

Emma and Cameron dancing during UHI Lifeboat Dress Up. Photo credits: Lachlan Morrison

LGBTQ+ flag being flown over the Tay. Photo credits: Scottish Student Sailing

We woke up on day two in our sleeping bags and set off to the Tay again for the final day of sailing of SSS this year. To try and cram in as much sailing as possible, we planned to start racing as early as possible, and although we started off late, we were soon launching. We had perfect sailing weather - Glasgow yellow made it to playoffs, with only one loss; beige tyed for the lead in bronze league, and both of the other teams did brilliantly. It’s sad that for most of us SSS is over, but we look forward to Champs in March!

Provisional Results for SSS 2019

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