SSS2 2019

SSS2 Sailing dinghies ready to compete - photo credit: Scottish Student Sailing

After a treacherous journey north, through blizzards and darkness, Glasgow’s sailing teams eventually made it safely to the Granite City for SSS 2 on Friday night. After meeting our friendly hosts and making new friends, we ventured out into sub-zero temperatures to see what Aberdeen’s night life had to offer. With cheap cocktails and glitter absolutely everywhere, it was sure to be a good night.

We woke (not so) bright and early on Saturday for a long drive down to Dundee, as Aberdeen’s waterways had been invaded by icebergs and were un-sailable. Snow had fallen overnight, and racing was postponed until we could all make it safely down to the Royal Tay Yacht Club (why do we sail in the winter?!). After fighting off the frostbite and misery at the lack of bacon rolls, racing began at around 1pm. After a few good races (and some brave moves by Beige), the tide and currents became too great a challenge and we headed back to prepare for the night ahead.

2nd team keeping warm between races – photo credit: Scottish Student Sailing

Back in Aberdeen the costumes were constructed - glittery pom-poms, lots of paint and a pinch of spice – before heading out to the edgiest club in town (what else is there to do in Aberdeen?). Down in the dodgy basement party the tunes were blaring, drinks were flowing and everyone showed off their take on the theme of ‘Iconic music videos’. The party continued after a trek through the snow to Aberdeen’s ATIK, where plenty of dancing, costume tearing and eyebrow biting occurred.

Cameron and Sarah racing for Glasgow Yellow - photo credit: Scottish Student Sailing

Day two on the Tay kicked off to a more promising start, with plenty of racing and some good breeze (but a few broken rudders). Glasgow Yellow won 100% of their races and kept themselves stable in gold league; with Black and Blue (could’ve sworn the phrase was black and gold?!) in Silver league and Beige in bronze. Onshore the sailors resorted to dog cuddles to keep warm. After a fun day of sailing, we headed back to Scotland’s best city to recover before doing it all again next weekend!

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