Glasgow blue boats looking good. Photo ©Sophie Wilbraham

On a very cold weekend a long time ago (well, last November) the Scottish league events began with SSS 1! Hosting the event at Bardowie Loch, Glasgow were hyped up to show off their new teams to the world of SSS!

The heartbreaking news that our beautiful Viper had been closed for the weekend did not dampen the spirits of the Friday night social! The weekend began in the familiar fashion of alcohol consumption; with Glasgow split between Landsdowne and the GUSA Quiz. Edinburgh were still in Edinburgh and Coleman was still in bed… Catching some taxis (we're a lazy bunch) the sailors claimed Sanctuary for the night, making it more Viper than Viper!

The night claimed a few souls, but by ten the next morning the boats were rigged and the course was set; we were only missing one thing... wind! After a while of staring at the mirror that was Bardowie, watching Ciaran carry various people on his shoulders (never once, at all, ever dropping them), eventually the wind picked up and we did something that the sailing club occasionally do - we got into some boats.

Nae wind shenanigans. Photo ©Isla MacVicar

Purple and yellow team championed for Glasgow with 100% wins on the first day; while beige sailed well with 40% wins. Though blue team had a tough day on the water, they were able to develop their team racing as the event went on. Some people didn’t get the opportunity to cross the starting line, but I’ve also heard that one of our Welsh members of dream teams just couldn’t…

Some start line action. Photo ©Sophie Wilbraham

On Saturday night, the teams showed their true blue planet colours and covered themselves in fairy lights, glitter, and paint. The beautiful HIVE was filled with David Attenboroughs, jelly fish, octopi, manta rays and glow fish, although most of the club did question why some of our more “fresher friendly” members didn’t go as their spirit animal - the shark.

Luminescent Jelly Fish. Photo ©Sarah Looby

The next morning on another windless Bardowie day, Campbell could be found bent over the already mutated loch scum and adding to its contents. Maybe he’d had too much green bacon? Maybe we’ll never know why…

At about 1.30pm the wind finally appeared but four hungover hours had taken their toll and the Burger King cravings had set in. Unfortunately, half of beige disappeared just as their race was called and the day began with barely anybody sailing for their own team.

Ben and Tazmin in high spirits. Photo ©Sophie Wilbraham

This day marked a good time for Glasgow boats, and though some may have gone around the marks backwards, they ended the day on a high. When the wind died, round robins were set for SSS2.

Our lovely Sophie made sure that our consciences were kept clean by organising our first ever boat washing crew to remove our nutritious blue-green algae off the other uni boats, so that they couldn’t steal any for their own lochs.

CCD in action. Photo ©Isla MacVicar

All in all a little battered and bruised, with fewer belongings and far less dignity, the Glasgow sailors proved themselves sound of body, spirits (the alcohol kind) and mind.

Final Scores:

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