Ceilidh Cup

The annual Ceilidh Cup and SSS Match Racing Championship event was held on the 8-9 October, by the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club (RNCYC). With very light winds throughout the weekend, the conditions were tricky and thanks go to the race committee for getting in as many races as they did. Glasgow’s team comprised of Louis Sisk (Helm), Jacob Sim, Andrei Ligema and Griogair Macfarlane with Caitlin Ross kindly helping out on the Sunday.

A couple of bad starts meant we threw away the first couple of races. Our general boat speed was good despite the crew having never sailed together before, but we always seemed to be fighting our way back into races. We improved during the day and finished the day with a win, meaning 1 from 4.

On Sunday we looked to continue our momentum but the wind had other ideas. Only 2 flights got completed before the wind died again, resulting in a two-hour delay. With time running out, the race committee worked out which races needed to be completed that would have an effect on the overall standings. Glasgow had one last race in which we put in a good performance, but just could not stay with Strathclyde Blue.

Congratulations go to the RNCYC’s team with 7 wins from 7 taking the Ceilidh Cup and Edinburgh, St Andrews and Strathclyde Blue in the three-way tie for the SSS competition. Thanks also to RNCYC, the race committee and SSS for the brilliant weekend. It might have disappointing results wise but it has given Glasgow a good foundation to improve on throughout the year.

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