And breathe...

Well that was hectic!

After a summer that was far too light on the sailing front, the good folk at GUCC Towers were plunged into one of the most frenetic freshers' weeks in living memory.

With the last minute closure of Bardowie Loch due to circumstances beyond our control (#shittysituation), we spent most of freshers week in high-stakes negotiations with other sailing clubs, and shuttling fireflies up and down the M8 to our temporary home at Castle Semple.

Yeah, we can't really sail in that...

Combined with some rapid boat-fixing, it was a minor miracle we were able to get 60 people on the water for our taster session. With beautiful sunshine, and even a bit of wind, things ran extremely smothly, completely belying the chaos that had been going on behind the scenes.

Not even a few scattered capsizes, long queues at the barbecue, and a minor fire could dampen people's spirits, and Strath could only look on in jealousy at the number of girls we had on the water.

It's like this all the time

The dinghy taster was followed up by a smiliarly successful, if less windy, yachting taster, with 5 full Sonars taking to the water at RNCYC.

I get the feeling it's going to be a good year.

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